How To Use Double Opt-In Emails To Get A Higher Quality Email List

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When you use a double opt-in subscription system, it improves the email deliverability and the quality of your contacts list for an overall better email marketing. Unlike single opt-in, where you get to provide your email address through a sign-up form, double opt-in creates an additional protection layer, which prevents fake email addresses that have no interest for your email from signing up. A good company with its verified system will offer you a wide range of benefits with many lists and categories.

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Importance of a double opt-in system

If the option to subscribe to your email list on your site is offered, and someone tries to opt-in to subscribe, once someone enters their information on your site, an email will be sent asking them to confirm the subscription before they are added to your list. Using this system subscription guarantees that your list carries a valid email address. The best company, providing their Double Opt-In Email Lists for Sale will prevent any issues to rise with contacts, bad actors using the email address that does not belong to them because you will need to click and confirm to be added to the list. If you have contacts that sign up but, are only holds a casual interest in your offers, they will not show any sign of confirmation to their subscription. This prevents you from having a disengaged subscriber in your list, who might harm your email campaign performance. However, even though you have missed a subscriber, it is considered a good thing because they were not that qualified, anyway.


Advantages of the double opt-in system

This type of email marketing allows customers to respect your business more, because it inherently shows them, that you are considerate about people’s privacy. The Double Opt In Email Lists for Sale will only allow you to send emails, to those who are interested and give you the opportunity to increase the conversion of your leads into customers. Below listed are key benefits, which are received when, using a double opt-in system.

Promotion of Your Business

  1. 1. Prevents issues with the GDPR: When you have a GDPR opt-in system, it will help you show proof of consent for all your contacts, which is kept in your database. This does not mean that a double opt-in is needed by the GDPR; it will be helpful for displaying easy proof that the contacts are opted-in by clicking on them to verify their emails. It is very much helpful to have an extra level of protection, from an individual who is trying to submit an email address of someone else without that person’s knowledge.


    2. Create strong relationships with new contacts: Double opt-in will requires you to send an initial transactional email, which will allow the subscribers to verify their contact information. The email confirmation is like a welcome email and advantage to the opportunity to display your brand in the email design, introducing your business, and including a nice message for welcoming in new subscribers. This will provide a personalized experience for your subscriber because they will get to learn a little bit more about you before they start receiving your regular email campaigns.

Choosing the best company

If you are looking for the best double opt-in email solutions for your business, contacting the best company will shower you with numerous benefits and gives you the opportunity to be a long-term relationship with the firm.



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