These Email Marketing Funnel Ideas Will Turn More Subscribers Into Customers

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The purpose of the conversion of email marketing funnels is to motivate recipients. These work to make clients purchase goods and services or take any other action at that moment. You must send highly targeted and personalized messages to prospects or existing customers. When you do it, you ensure success to your email marketing campaigns. Besides, it further bolsters your chances when it comes to conversion email marketing funnels. It is also crucial for you to make sure that your recipients take the right action. You are the one who can make them adhere to relevant and specific decision-making. Simply put, you need to be utterly clear with your call-to-action.

1.Cart abandoning: It often happens that an individual starts a purchase but then discards it in the checkout process. If you experience it, then follow what an Email Marketing Service USA says. Instead of letting them get away, you should immediately follow up with a series of messages to motivate them. Don’t forget to keep your messages subtly convincing. Otherwise, you will end up spooking them and eventually lose them.

2.Experimental upgrades: Here is another excellent idea from the professionals of Email Marketing Service USA. You should offer free trails of your product to acquire new leads. Even if you include it in the middle of your marketing funnel, a few clients won’t purchase the product. So, when the trial period ends, you should add an experimental upgrade conversion funnel. The messages you send will contain the benefits that they will miss out if they don’t upgrade.

3.Free demos: Of course, free-of-charge demonstrations are an old process, and they work well with complex products. For instance, if you are selling software-as-a-service, people will need to test it before they think of purchasing it. Clients have to part with their email addresses and contact information if they wish to avail free demos. Sometimes, they even have to speak to a salesperson for the purpose. You should consider making this proposition because it is a low-risk one for customers.

4.Add-ons and cross-selling: You must judge the right time to present complementary products before clients. You should do that when they are actively purchasing from you. Just remember to offer these additional products soon after they finish their first transaction. Think about creating cross-selling and add-on conversion funnels when customers buy specific products and services. The messages you send should introduce complementary products while describing why they are useful to the original purchase.

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5.Promotions and offers: Yet another old but tried-and-proven method of increasing sales is to include specific offers and promotions in your deals. These act as the nudge that buyers need when they oscillate between ‘to buy or not to buy.’ Exclusive offers and promotions work like magic. You should send messages containing this info when they are browsing through your website. You can also do the same for seasonal and time-sensitive items.

6.Referring to friends: You know that all your subscribers have connections with other people, both online and offline. It clearly indicates that your brand can reach far and wide through refer-a-friend programs. You can promote them via email marketing funnels. Triggering of these funnels will take place once an individual on your list makes a purchase.

Last but not least

In the end, you can ponder over creating loyalty programs for your regular clients. For example, you can produce a funnel which comes into action when a subscriber buys something. It can activate after the first, second, third, fourth, or later purchases. You can also determine the number of times it will appear. The messages of this funnel should explain the working procedures of the loyalty programs.



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20 August 2019
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